Once the process and/or countermeasures have been outlined and documented, implementation is the next step. The process of implementation requires:

  • Gaining consensus from the employees involved in the process through training and demonstration.
  • Outlining accountability and monitoring.
  • Controlling the implementation and monitoring of the process and changes.
  • Evaluating to determine if we are getting the expected results.

The conclusion of the assignment is to make sure that the changes are fully implemented and to continue to collect metrics to monitor its success.  If we are getting what was expected, the question should be, “What is next?”


Listen, Discover, & Analyze


Understand, Clarify, & Measure


Implement, Monitor, & Measure

A New Level of Project Success

On behalf of NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore), Integrated Facilities Solutions (IFS) recently completed a new 35,000 square foot medical office building.  By applying proven, lean management philosophy and tools the project is an example of redefining what a successful project can look like.